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Hey there rockstar! Want to wow your clients with 4k photorealistic renders that you can create inside your browser in minutes?

Got questions? We have some common ones answered for you already!

What is #FoyrNeoWeekly?

We learned a lot from putting together #FoyrTalks in September 2020 and our first season of #FoyrNeoWeekly in November - December 2020. Our goal was to present a stellar speaker lineup to talk about various design topics that can serve as a blueprint for anyone working on their interior design business. Now, we want to make this a weekly webinar series that builds a community of Interior Designers who are looking to upskill, learn from stalwarts and have fun along the way.

Why should I attend #FoyrNeoWeekly?

These weekly talks are the foundation of our online community for interior designers. Once a week, we can all come together to find answers to questions that improve our business practice, productivity, knowledge, and more. By joining this community, you can also watch episode replays (if you can’t make it one week or want to rewatch an awesome talk!) so you’ll never miss a live session.

What will I learn?

We invite guest speakers, interior design experts, and Neo pro users to lead our sessions focusing on all aspects of interior design. You’ll learn about many important aspects of a design business, including marketing your interior design business; pricing your services; rethinking design for new homeowners; and new tools and processes that make your life easier (like Foyr Neo).

What time are the webinars?

Each starts on February 18 at 2 PM EST. Our following sessions will be held on February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18, and March 25.

Is #FoyrNeoWeekly a free event?

Yes, it’s 100% free to register! Anyone can join us for fun and educational live sessions every Thursday.

I’ve signed up, but I haven't received any emails. What do I do?

First, check your spam and junk folders. If you still don’t see anything, register again. But if problems continue, you can write to us at

How do I tell my friends about this event?

You can share about the event on social media and use the hashtag #FoyrNeoWeekly (and tag us @_foyr! on Instagram).

Have you booked your place yet?

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